Capital Ready

We are administering a grant-funded program to assist small businesses in accessing capital. This is accomplished in two steps:

  • Identifying the right type of capital based upon all mitigating circumstances.
  • Meeting the underwriting criteria of the selected source of capital.

Why is this important? If a small business applicant meets the underwriting criteria, then they have a VERY high probability of accessing capital to start or grow. For example, low-interest SBA loans up to $150,000 are now fairly accessible and normally fund in ~15 days with very reasonable requirements, i.e., a 165 FICO SBSS score. Still yet, without assistance, very few small businesses are successful in accessing this low-cost source of capital.


Based on the agreed-upon source of capital being pursued, We will assist the client with the following five essential elements for funding approval:

  • written business plan
  • 36-month cash flow projections
  • third party feasibility data
  • business credit optimization*
  • personal credit optimization**

*Business credit optimization refers to building a credible PAYDEX and IntelliScore ratings. We will provide guidance and direction as to how to accomplish this.

**Personal credit optimization refers to adding positive and removing negative items to build credible personal credit scores. We will provide guidance and direction as to how to accomplish this.

$100,000 GUARANTEE

All participants of the Capital Ready Package Program are guaranteed at least $100,000 in funding and we will continue to assist you until that goal is reached. The length of time to access funding is based upon you–not us–including your starting point, your selected type(s) of capital, your compliance with the process, etc. Our lending partners continue to report an average of only ~15 days for funding on the aforementioned SBA loans up to $150,000 with low interest and ten-year repayment terms.

Our goal is to get your access to capital started within the first thirty (30) days of participation. We’ll assign you a Finance Officer who will work closely with you to identify immediate sources of capital based upon your mitigating circumstances. Furthermore, a Small Business Mentor will provide you one-on-one guidance as you progress through the ten-step process to become Capital Ready.



With the grant-subsidization, only a $2,500 fully-refundable deposit is collected at the time of enrollment. The deposit is fully returned as long as the client complies with the grant-requirements, i.e., completes at least a $100,000 capital raise.

**Our refundable deposit has been discounted to $2,199 for a limited time.

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