What funding sizes does revolutionary Funding handle?

We have a minimum guarantee of $100,000, but we welcome larger funding requests as well.

What if I do not need $100,000 in funding for my business?

We cannot imagine that a company could not use $100,000 in funding. Funding can come in multiple ways aside from loans. Your funding may consist of commercial real estate financing, credit lines, working capital loans, commercial vehicle financing, etc.

What types of industries does Revolutionary Funding work with?

We work with small, medium, and large businesses across all legal and legitimate industries. Your business cannot be too small or too innovative for us to assist in obtaining funding.

What locations do your lenders fund in?

We have lenders nationwide. Every state is covered for financing.

Do your lenders offer start-up capital?

Yes! Our lenders love start-ups!

What is the normal time frame to receive funding?

Every individual funding arrangement is unique and the timing relies on each singular business’ qualifying criteria and type of capital requested. We aim for the typical duration to be approximately between 30 and 90 days. We attempt for the first infusion to be under 15 days; nevertheless, the scheduling rests entirely upon you as the business owner and specific timelines cannot be guaranteed.

What are your fees?

We have an upfront application fee of $499 to cover most of our expenses incurred while constructing your financial portfolio with a success fee of 9.5% of the total funding received.

Do you guarantee funding?

Yes. Everyone who elects our services is guaranteed $100,000 in capital raises. Dependent on your particular situation, funding may come in various ways (ie, auto, real estate, loans, credit lines, etc.) totaling a minimum of $100,000 in the capital for your business.

What credit scores are required for funding?

We have funding programs for all sorts of credit; good, bad, excellent.

Does Revolutionary Funding service the loan?

No. We are not the lender, we are the knowledge to get the capital your business deserves.

Do you share/sell my personal information with other companies?

No. The only information shared is what is required for specific lenders for underwriting and approvals. We do not share/sell/shop your information with companies. Your information will only be seen by the lenders you are qualifying for.

Will collateral or a down payment be required?

The only collateral required is if you are receiving commercial real estate/fix & flip loan, then that specific property becomes the collateral.

Currently we do not have lending programs requiring a down payment, only the application fee.

Will I need a business plan?

Possibly. Some lenders do request business plans while others do not. If necessary, we can assist with that as well.

How big/small can my company be to obtain funding?

We assist all sizes and ages of businesses. No business is too small or too big, too young, or too old for us to assist in funding.

What are the typical loan terms, interest, and repayment plans?

Our lenders do not use cookie-cutter lending options. Every loan produced is customized to each business owner’s distinctive situation and capital requirements.

Who qualifies for funding?

We have funding programs to meet the needs of everyone. As long as the business is a legal and legitimate business concept, at least one owner has a United States social security number, is 18 years of age, and the business is headquartered in the United States; we can assist in funding for your business.

How do I get started?

You should fill out the form for which financial option you are pursuing and remit the application fee. Once the form and fee have been received, an affiliate will contact you shortly.

Where should I start if I require more than one funding option?

If you require more than one funding option, all programs are accessible under the Capital Ready Program.

Will I be charged more than one application fee if I need more than one lending option?

No. Say you are needing both working capital and commercial real estate; choosing the Capital Ready Program you will be able to access the 100% Real Estate Financing as well without a second application fee being charged to you.